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Emergency Response Officer

Putting out fires and helping colleagues who are feeling unwell? This is no problem for an emergency response officer! During this training you will learn how to be able to work as an emergency response officer in your organization. The training has theoretical and practical aspects, This way you are not only prepared in terms of knowledge, but also in terms of practical skills. Definately usefull!

  • Duration: 1 practical day + theory via e-learning

  • Group size: maximum of 8 persons

  • Every participant will work with individual materials

  • Working in small groups, more individual practice and with the support of the e-learning our courses meet our high quality standards 

CCB-Basisopleiding BHV

Summary ERO Basic course 

  • E-learning + 1 day of practice, certified by the NIBHV

  • Many First Aid exercises with the most up-to-date materials

  • Indoor fire extinguishing and scenario training

  • Great location, excellent facilities and lunch provided

  • In-company practicing with own equipment and procedures possible

  • Maximum 8 persons, price per person: € 348*

*Prices (2024) including all costs, but excluding VAT.




"Enthusiastic instructors, great venue and lovely lunch. Enough breaks during the training" 


"So nice to have a large indoor practice center to practice an evacuation (including a table top excerse)!"


"Both instructors had plenty of experience to give lots of examples. Very realistic and practical input."


"A good combination of theoretical and practical aspects. Free parking in the area."


Theory versus practice

Various working methodes

Venue and (class)rooms

Food & beverage

Instructor First Aid

Instructor Fire fighter and evacuation







*All ratings are abtained via surveys amongst our attendees and clients. 



What is included within the price of the Emergency response officer course?

  • All practical and theoretical materials from the NIBHV

  • Examination and certification costs of the NIBHV

  • Certified, experienced and fun instructors :-)

  • Use of a lot of instructional and practice material

  • Extensive lunch, coffee, thee, soft drinks and treats (location CCB Groep)

Can I also take this training with a group of colleagues?

Yes, the training can be provided for a group of colleagues at the location of CCB Groep in Amsterdam or at your own company location (in-company). This can be a private group, so only you and you colleagues. For group training, we require a minimum of 6 participants. Inquire here for all the possibilities.


Which components does the training consist of?

  • Self-study before the course day through e-learning (3 hours)

  • 1 course day consisting of two parts:

    • A part first aid urgent and non-urgent

    • A part firefighting & evacuation

At the end of the day, the theory exam takes place for both parts.

What does the exam involve?

The basic ERO-exam consists of a theory exam with 60 multiple-choice questions about first aid, fire and evacuation. In addition, each participant is assessed on their practical skills.

How long is the diploma valid?

  • The diploma for an Emergency Response Officer is valid for one year from the issuance date.

  • After one year, you need to follow a Refresher ERO to keep te diploma valid

We create an annual schedule and automatically (optionally) invite our participants to the annual ERO refresher. We keep track of the validity of our participants' diplomas!

ccb groep

Poortland 43

1046 BD Amsterdam

020 - 5286889

Wij zijn open op werkdagen van

8:30 tot 17:00 uur




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